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Search Media Optimization Programming Language

About Search Media Optimization

Search Media Optimization (also known as SMO or Social SEO) is the methodization of social media activity with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website content.SMO is one of many online methods of website optimization. One of the many other methods is search engine optimization or SEO. Social media became one of the best places to promote business online. It will provide a place where business can directly interact with their customers that helps businesses with better reputation and brand building.

Social media optimization is related to search engine marketing, but differs in several ways, primarily the focus on driving traffic from sources other than search engines, though improved search ranking is also a benefit of successful SMO. Social media optimization refers to techniques that help you optimize your website for better visibility and creditability. By increasing the creditability of your website its chances for web success increases instantly. This Social Media Marketing training will give you insights in to how to leverage tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, online videos to increase your online visibility, reach new customers & build brand loyalty.

Before you continue, you should have a basic understanding of the following:

1.Strong Knowledge of Internet.
2.Knowledge of HTML and CSS.
3. Knowledge of Dreamweaver.

Benefits of Courses:

1.SEO Analyst.
2.SEO Executive.


1. We will provide real time project training with code explanation and implementation.
2. Our training modules are completely designed according to current IT market.
3. After completion of 75% of course, student will go through Major Project Training, Live Project Training, Interview Preparation and
     Recruitment process in IT Industry.
4. Student will go through the training of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as a complimentary package before starting of SQL Server.
5. We offer regular, fast track and weekend training in SQL Server course.
6. Study material is provided with the course which consist of concepts, examples and real time examples.

Social Book-marking Social Media Networking Video Marketing
1.Stumble Upon 1.Verifying Twitter Account 1.Video Optimization
2.Delicious 2.Facebook Profile Maintenance 2.Youtube
3.Reditt 3.Facebook landing page Creation 3.MetaCafe
4.Fave It 4.Google Buzz 4.AOL Videos
5.E-buzz & More 5.Myspace Connections  
  6.Linked In Networking  
  7.Kaboodle (only for product based sites)  
Social Book-marking Social Media Networking Video Marketing
1.Blog Post Updating    
2.Blog Marketing    
3.Blog Commenting    
4.Local Business Listing    
5.Classifieds Posting    
6.Forum Signatures and Commenting    
7.Using Blogs for SEO    
8.Blog Commenting    
9.Writing a Press Release    
10.Article Submissions    
11.Video Submissions    
12.Social Media Optimization    
13.Social Networking Concepts    
14.Social Bookmarking    
15.RSS Feeds