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All of our Window 2003 Hosting Packages are supporting ASP, ASP.NET, C#, PHP, Front Page, Ms-Access, mySQL 4.0, mySQL 5.0, ODBC/DSN, Unlimited Pop-Mail, Enterprise MailEnable Web-Mail, 2-Level Spam Protection, Anti-Virus Protection, FTP Account, Web Statistics, Integrated File Manager, Optional MS-SQL 2000, MS-SQL 2005 Database along-with Full Control Panel powered by Industry Standard Helm Control Panel.

IIS 6.0 in Window 2003 server is faster, more secure, more stable, and more scalable than any previous version of IIS. Almost anyone doing any type of web hosting on an older version of IIS will immediately see performance and stability improvements in Window 2003 based hosting. IIS 6.0 can serve static content up to 200% faster than IIS 5.0.

The inclusion of the .Net Framework in Window 2003 Web Hosting allows you to immediately take advantage of all of the benefits of Microsoft’s newest development platforms and will run your .Net application code out of the box. It will also allow you to immediately begin developing asp.net applications which take advantage of XML web services.